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math homework help

math homework help

This DVD is a great way to provide math homework help for struggling math students in every day math. In Johnson's Jammin' Math Jingles Sandy Johnson, a seventeen-year veteran math teacher, leads middle school students through her math jingles and dances as she motivates students and creates a lively and exciting atmosphere in her classroom. See math come alive as students perform a collection of songs, jingles and cheers written to energize and motivate all students about mathematics and help learn formulas and rules with an amusing, entertaining and encouraging approach. Actual students have a blast as they sing, laugh and groove, and gain knowledge at the same time!

*Perfect for veteran teachers and new teachers looking for ways to energize math lesson plans, create fun math activities, and use new teaching strategies for teaching children how to learn formulas and rules in a fun and motivating way.

*Great for parents looking to motivate their children about mathematics and increase an understanding of math homework. Johnson's Jammin' Math Jingles is perfect for middle school students looking for ways to remember their math rules and formulas. This is the ultimate homework help tool! MATH JINGLES WILL WORK FOR ANYONE!!

Adding Integers, Decimal To Percent, Percent to Decimal, Multiplying and Dividing Integers, Circumference of Circles, Area of Circles, Converting Metric Units, Multiplying and Dividing with Powers of 10, Labels, Volume of Prisms, Area Of Trapezoids, Volume of Pyramids, Cylinders and Cones.

See a video clip on the WFRV TV website (after intro).

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math homework help
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math homework help
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